The Coyote Ate My Car

Categories:Country life

You've heard the excuse "the dog ate my homework" and probably laughed, knowing that it was just an excuse. But something happened to us that has since made me a believer.

Kevin had parked our Toyota outside on the driveway one night instead of putting it in the garage. The weather was warm and not particularly threatening, so we didn't worry about it.

The next morning, we left early while the sky was still dark. When we came back later that day, we saw some debris laying in the driveway. We parked the car, got out and took a look, but still weren't sure what we were looking at.

The coyote ate my carHowever, we knew we had parked the car with the front end lined up at about that spot, so we checked the car out. Sure enough, pieces of the front end were missing. When we looked closer, we could see teeth marks on the pieces on the
ground and on the bumper still on the car.

We still don't know exactly why a coyote (or maybe a stray dog) chewed up the bumper, but we speculate that Ghosty Kitty or Fluffernutter was running from whatever it was and hid up under the car to get away from it.

Maybe all those school kids really are telling the truth!