Construction Zone


Partially finished bookshelves

Partially finished office bookshelves

I live in a construction zone. In fact, I've been living in a construction zone since June 2008 when we moved into the house we had built on the ranch.

You see, to keep costs down we decided to do all the finish work ourselves. The builder finished the walls through the drywall stage, then we took over after that.

I primed and painted all the walls, then we laid the floors. Those jobs were fairly straightforward, although they were time-consuming. The real challenge was cabinet-making. Neither of us had any experience making cabinets or drawers.

Kevin was confident he could do it, though, so he did his usual research, designed and built kitchen and bathroom cabinets, built-in drawers and closets in the bedrooms, drawers and shelves in the office.

As you can see by the picture, the library shelves are not quite finished. We are going to have another layer of shelves at the top (I am running out of space for my books) and are supposed to have a library ladder to reach the upper shelves. Additionally, we still need to make and install the trim around the shelves.

You're probably thinking that's not such a big deal, but it's actually a trend in our house. Every project is missing some part. The kitchen lacks a corner cabinet, one of the drawers and under-cabinet lighting. We still have to install baseboards in the bedroom, master bath and master closet. We need trim along the tops of most of the walls and baseboards in many of the rooms. Some of the drawers have been installed in the guest bathroom, but they do not have drawer fronts or drawer pulls, and the bathroom still does not have its towel cabinet.

In fact, only one room is complete—the powder room. And I think that may still be missing one small piece of trim. Ah, well. We never have to worry about being bored.