30 Years and Counting


Kevin and Jan on vacation at Mt Vernon

Kevin and I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this week. That sounds really impressive until you hear that one couple in our church celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary last year. I'm not sure my husband and I will live long enough to hit 75 years together, but we intend to try.

Every relationship requires work to maintain it, whether it's friendship, romance, family. Kevin and I have been working at our marital relationship for 30 years, and it still isn't perfect. That's probably because neither of us is perfect, so we've been behind from the start.

We have a lot of discussions, some arguments. We've had better and worse, sickness and health, and we've been poorer and richer. Those traditional wedding vows get the whole marriage deal right!

I'd say the happiness far outweighs any difficult times, though. We are blessed to have found each other, and more blessed to have been able to pull through the hard times together. I am sure we will have more trials ahead, but with God's help, we will prevail.